OFFICE is a multidisciplinary design & research practice based out of Melbourne. As a registered charity OFFICE is legally bound to a constitution that controls the operation and output of the studio. This alternative mode of practice questions specifically architects and landscape architects current relationship to the built environment. How might we work within the limits of our profession to develop ethical projects that have social, cultural, and environmental integrity? Projects that are undertaken can be located between four overlapping themes: education, research, discourse & built work. While the work pursued ranges from furniture to publications to GIS city scale investigations. Due to the obligations of being a registered charity, all projects are legally bound to the object of being for the public good.

As a charitable organisation we are further legally bound by the following objects of practice:

to use the tools of design, architecture and research to assist in the design, development and construction of projects with a public benefit and which have social, cultural and/or environmental integrity;
to undertake and make public (where possible) research into opportunities for improving public spaces;
to engage in discourse around issues facing the built environment, in order to educate and inform the public, through exhibitions, public lectures and publications;
to educate and mentor students of design and architecture, and to provide those students with opportunities to engage in the practice of design and architecture; and
to do all other things as may be deemed incidental or conducive to the achievement of any of the preceding objects of the Company.

OFFICE acknowledges that it lives and works on stolen land, & that sovereignty of these lands was never ceded. Where ever possible collaboration with the traditional owners will be sought out.

Clients & Collaborators

Melbourne Water

Australian Migrant Educational Services (AMES)

Ian Strange Studio

Chunky Move

Lyons House Museum

RMIT University

National Gallery of Victoria

Melbourne Farmers Market


Culpra Milli Aboriginal Corporation

Kulpa Mardita

Melbourne School of Design



Melbourne Fringe Festival

Living Links

Port Phillip Water Catchment Authority

Collingwood Childrens Farm

Bus Projects


Design Studio

2018 -  leftunder:  RMIT Master of Architecture & Master of Landscape Architecture, in collaboration with  Australia Migrant Education School (AMES) - Noble Park, Melbourne 

2018 -  Odd Plots: RMIT Master of Landscape Architecture, in collaboration with Melbourne Water - Melbourne, Victoria 

2019 - Childrens Farm: Partnered Studio Collingwood Childrens Farm - Collingwood, Melbourne

2019 - Landscape Agent: RMIT Master of Landscape Architecture


Research Seminar

2018 - Politics of Public Space: RMIT Master of Architecture

2018 - Odd Plots: RMIT Master of Landscape Architecture,  in collaboration with Melbourne Water - Melbourne, Victoria 

2019 - Politics of Public Space: RMIT Master of Landscape Architecture 

2019 - Foodscapes: RMIT Master of Landscape Architecture

2019 - Living Links: RMIT Master of Landscape Architecture, Partnered Seminar Living Links - Melbourne, Victoria

2020 - Politics of Public Space: RMIT Master of Landscape Architecture


Teaching Assistant

2017 - On Parade: Sydney, New South Wales - RMIT Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

2018 - Culpra Studio: Culpa, New South Wales  - RMIT Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

2018 - Barcelona Studio: Melbourne, Victoria - RMIT Bachelor of Architecture


Research Assistant

2018 - Culpra Milli Master Plan, Culpa New South Wales 

2018 - RMIT Architecture and Design Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Engagement Steering Group Summary Documentation Package

2018 - Greening the West RMIT Landscape Architecture Studio Documentation

2019 - Barkandji Maljangapa Water Knowledge Report


2017 - ROLE:… a design symposium of landscape architecture? - Siteworks, Brunswick, Melbourne

2017 - Process x Agency - Loopbar, Melbourne

2018 - Urban Transport Politics, Master of Urban Planning University of Melbourne - Melbourne, Victoria 

2018 - The Politics of the Street. Melbourne Fringe Festival - Glenroy, Melbourne

2019 - Get Up! TCL - Carlton, Melbourne

2019 - AILA Fresh Meet - Collingwood, Melbourne

2019 - Melbourne Knowledge Week - Situated City: Art in Action -  Meat Market, North Melbourne

2019 - Bachelor of Interior Design: RMIT -  Melbourne, Victoria



2017 - NGV Melbourne Design Week: leftunder - Murrumbeena, Melbourne

2018 - NGV Melbourne Design Week: Walking Out - Budd Street Gallery, Collingwood, Melbourne.

2018 - Window Shopping. As part of Melbourne Fringe Festival - Glenroy, Melbourne

2019 - Mapping: An Exhibition - SLAB, Maggie Wrens Art Space, Collingwood, Melbourne

2019 - NGV Melbourne Design Week - Culpa Furniture, Blak Dot Gallery, Brunswick, Melbourne

2019 - NGV Melbourne Design Week - Melbourne: Megacity, Budd Street Gallery, Collingwood, Melbourne.

2019 - WORKSHOPPED - Australian Design Centre, Sydney, New South Wales

2019 - Real/Material/Ethereal Design Research Conference - Monash University, Caulfield, Melbourne

2019 - Fringe Furniture - Rosina Auditorium, Abottsford, Melbourne, Victoria

2019 - Situated City: Art in Action - Testing Grounds, Melbourne, Victoria

2019 - Everyday Research - Deakin University, Burwood, Melbourne, Victoria



2016 - Independent group rallies community to design spaces ‘leftunder’ proposed Melbourne sky rail, ArchitectureAu  

2017 - Leftunder reinvents leftover land, Green Magazine

2017 - Independent, Community Lead Initiative Looks at "Leftunder" Infrastructure Land in Melbourne, Archdaily

2017 - Left Under, Open Journal

2017 - The inverse high-line: Melbourne’s Skyrail linear park, Foreground

2018 - Parks hidden in plain sight: Melbourne looks to unlock infrastructure for public open space

2018 - & Collaborate with OFFICE, Caliper Journal

2018 - leftunder, Kerb Journal 26

2019 - Contested public spaces in the age of ‘bollart’, ArchitectureAu

2020 - “No skateboarding”: The politics of public space at Lincoln Square, Foreground



2020 - The Politics of Public Space: Volume One, ISBN 978-0-6487702-0-6

Managing Directors
Simon Robinson 
Steve Mintern  

Board of Directors
Mark Jacques
Andres Hillas 
Dr Peter Brew 
Simone Koch 



Landscape Architect


Landscape Architect, Director of OPENWORK

Event and Brand Management, Director of PARADISE MUSIC
Architect, Lecture of Architecture & Urban Design RMIT
, Architecture Design Studio Leader RMIT