Retail Fit-out 

Fitzroy, Melbourne


OFFICE has teamed up with local streetwear brand HoMie to deliver their flagship store in the heart of Fitzroy. HoMie is a streetwear clothing social enterprise whose profits support people experiencing homelessness or hardship. While operating as a retail outlet the store also doubles as an event space for youth experiencing homelessness.


“Each month, clients connected to youth homelessness support services are invited to shop for free at the HoMie Street Store. VIP customers not only receive five complimentary items of brand-new clothing (at their own discretion) and a dignified shopping experience, but also receive free nutritious food, haircuts, and beauty services. VIP Days aim to increase social inclusion, connectedness and confidence for Melbourne’s community of people experiencing homelessness.”


 OFFICE’s approach was to design a series of aluminium clad units that draw the materiality of the ‘street’ into the store while quietly divide the space. These units act as the display and storage to the clothing during operational hours. When the store is used for VIP days, the units foldout to become stations for the various activities that take place. 

From hairdressing, beauty services, benches and food service the units and their blue interiors transform the store. After hours a lighting display turns the internal retail experience out onto the main streets. Gradients of shifting colours light up the sidewalk and road as passers-by can enjoy the public display.