NGV Design Week Exhibition

Noble Park, Vic

An infobooth is the first object to be placed on the site and signifies an idea of change. It will form a series of 9 installations over 5 weeks occurring each Saturday as the locals are invited to engage in a discussion. This gesture signifies a future event, a prelude to possibilities in how the infrastructural development of the sky rail could inform the communities and local residents to inhabit the space made available below. Within this discussion, the booth will operate in a reciprocal manner, with information supplied and taken, as flyers offer local residents precedents, visions, research. Collages and questionnaires categorise feedback and desires. As the booth heads east and the suburbs and demographics around it change, while the message and aspiration of the booth remains as a constant. This constant form reflects and exaggerates the singularity of these communities, something which is often invisible on an online forum or paper survey. Equipped with generic tools the aim is to allow the individuality of communities to create specific responses, that can further the discussion of occupation and possibility.

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