“it is too easy to think that external forces are so overwhelming that there is no room for manoeuvre. but in casting a critical eye over those forces and then projecting an ethical imagination against the gaps open up”

jeremy till


melbourne water has recently launched their our space, your place initiative, which invites the local residents  to “use powerful geospatial data to find land that could benefit your community”. this app documents over 24,000 plots of land in greater melbourne, that are ultimately the result of political and economic forces. these plots which comprise of 33,000 ha of land, are now being identified as an opportunity to benefit the communities that they puncture. it is only with the understanding of the intricate web of external forces, which truly make up the built environment, that the need for coordination and collaboration becomes evident in achieving specific goals. students will be tasked to document and intervene on the melbourne water plots throughout melbourne, adapting a strategy to deal with the vast amount and size of owned land. each intervention will be the result of a weekly investigation through the lens of specific forces which traditional fall outside of architecture and landscape architecture. using the urban liveability index as a criteria for these interventions this will be seen as an opportunity to benefit the local communities.