The project is a collaboration between the Culpra Milli Aboriginal Corporation and OFFICE.

Culpra Milli Aboriginal Corporation is an Aboriginal Organisation that holds and manages land on behalf of its members. The land spans 8,500 hectares of flood-plain, dunes, riverine wetlands, billabongs and small creeks, and live an abundance of rare and endangered birds and other wildlife. CMAC’s aim is to ensure economic independence through this enterprise development with respect for the cultural and environmental values that exist on Culpra.

Culpra Furniture is constructed using salvaged river red gum from an abandoned timber mill that operated on the lands of the Barkandji People which the CMAC now manages. Up until the late 1980’s, the mill produced fence posts and railway sleepers, but once closed left a scattering of large piles of offcuts throughout the bushland. It is these offcuts that are now being used to empower the local community by turning them into unique and culturally embodied pieces of furniture.


Currently production happens in a furniture workshop in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. The ambition is to move the entire process on to Barkandji Country at Culpra Station, setting up a furniture workshop with the required machinery. This workshop would employ local indigenous people, and provide them with the skills needed to produce these unique pieces. 

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Custom pieces can also be arranged on request.

River Red Gum, Steel - 450H x 300W


Low Table
River Red Gum, Steel Base - 35
0H x 350W x 1600L